Is Nucleus Medical Media the “Khan Academy of Healthcare?”

Ron Collins, CEO and Co-Founder of Nucleus

Paul Roemer, the CEO of Pale Rhino Consulting, recently blogged: “Where is the Khan Academy of healthcare?” I responded that Nucleus Medical Media can make a strong case for the title, BUT there is also a missing element that keeps us from completely claiming that position.

A few months after the Khan Academy launched its YouTube channel, Nucleus Medical Media did the same, providing free 3D medical animations for patient education. Last week, the Nucleus channel hit 100K+ subscribers and its videos have been watched over 162 million times, making it one of the most popular health information channels on YouTube. Nucleus’s videos receive 1.4 million views per month and are watched for a cumulative total of 3 years each month with an average watch time of 1.5 minutes. If you perform a search for common disease or conditions, Nucleus videos will usually show up on YouTube as the top video search return.

I believe this performance confirms the idea patients are looking for health information on YouTube, and overwhelmingly prefer 3D medical animations to live video. As more marketers realize that patient education is content marketing, they are now beginning to discover the outsize performance of this type of content in social media over things like promotional videos, patient stories, and physician interviews.

So, like Khan Academy, Nucleus is clearly at the top of its game for health information on YouTube, beating out similar channels like Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, NYU Langone, etc. But what is the missing element I mentioned earlier that keeps us from achieving Khan-like status?

To quote Captain Kirk: “Khhaaaan!”

I believe the videos need a person, a “Khan personality,” to go with the 3D medical animations so that patients in every city, state, and country see the faces and hear the voices of doctors in their area. That’s why Nucleus is now reaching out to the many brilliant doctors and educators scattered over the world to create new videos. If you are a hospital marketer and want your doctors to be the next Khan, or Oz, or whomever, please contact Nucleus.