Breaking Out of the Content Silo

Hospital Marketing with YouTube Health VideosDifferentiating your hospital has become almost impossible nowadays. About 10 to 15 years ago, all hospitals looking to set themselves apart licensed 1 of just a few available “online medical encyclopedias.” Promoted as the cutting edge hospital marketing solution at the time, this type of content quickly became the status quo—leaving every hospital on equal playing ground. They had all become no different from their competitors.

If you search Google for information on any condition or treatment, you’ll likely find the same articles and images for almost all of the top results. Health searches are the 3rd most popular online activity, and identical information on every hospital “learning center” doesn’t define the outstanding features of your hospital. Even educational piece should be a chance to brand hospital and market your talent as the best.

Any online marketing value that once existed in these universally used resources has diminished as a result of this dilution. So what’s the solution?

Nucleus Medical Media is working with a number of forward-thinking hospital marketers that know content from the silo is on its way out. These hospitals are taking advantage of Nucleus’s custom content resources to differentiate their hospital and get noticed by patients, other doctors, and more.

The Nucleus solution focuses on highlighting what’s new and different about you hospital. Do you have the best doctors around? Are your signature services unparalleled? The typical hospital marketing content doesn’t demonstrate your exclusive strengths like Nucleus marketing materials do.

Gwinnett Medical Center Using 3D Discharge AnimationsGwinnett Medical Center is using Nucleus animations for patient education at discharge, a revolutionary new way to reduce readmissions and set themselves apart as a leader in ensuring patients know how to keep themselves safe. This patient care differentiator means that patients are choosing Gwinnett again for elective and non-elective procedures.

Lehigh Valley Health Network uses Nucleus marketing content on their website redesign to “reinforce our patient-friendly approach,” says Alyssa Young, Senior Web Producer. “We want our website to be a helpful, trustworthy resource for our patients. It helps strengthen our reputation as the region’s expert in health care. The goal is that building our brand this way will encourage more people to choose us when they need us. At the same time, we work to promote wellness and keep our community healthy, focusing on prevention.”

The latest project in the Nucleus arsenal features YOUR doctors and providers with our content in Dr. Oz-style videos. These types of informational videos blow up online. Having more than just a talking head presenting information drives more people to click on your site and stay there. Plus, it brands your doctors as experts in their field.

Marketing works best when your content is distinct and customized to your hospital. Learn how to set yourself apart today by contacting Nucleus Medical Media for unique, customized marketing content that will give you an advantage over the silo marketing of the past.