300,000 YouTube Subscribers

Two years ago we were celebrating 100,000 subscribers and the honor of being awarded Google’s Silver Play Button. Only 8 months ago we were celebrating 200,000 subscribers. Now we’re celebrating the addition of yet another one hundred thousand YouTube fans!


We started our YouTube account back in 2007, and we’ve had phenomenal success with it. The main driver of that success is the fact that Nucleus medical animations are engaging, informative, and accurate. Analytics data from YouTube proves that our audience is engaged with our videos; the data shows our average audience retention rate is 56% (or 2:03 minutes). Retention for certain types of videos reaches as high as 70% (animations on reproductive health and chronic conditions typically have the highest retention rates). In addition, the medical accuracy of our animations builds trust and keeps viewers coming back for more. Our commitment to hiring highly-trained medical writers and medical illustrators/animators, as well as having each animation reviewed by a board of expert physicians, ensures that everything we produce is medically accurate.

Most importantly, the success of our YouTube channel proves that medical animations are highly sought after by patients, caregivers, and students. They are all looking for medical information, and they are finding what they need from Nucleus. If you’d like to become a trusted source of medical information in your region, you should get in touch with us!


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