Novant Health & Nucleus Collaborate on Patient Education Initiative

Exciting news this morning: Novant Health and Nucleus Medical Media have signed a two-year collaborative agreement to study the effectiveness of using medical animation for patient education! (You can read the full press release here: Novant and Nucleus Collaboration) Novant Health is a large health system that serves 4 million patients annually across four different states, so we are ecstatic to be partnering with them.

Starting in October of this year, Novant Health began integrating medical animations, created by Nucleus, into a new health literacy program. The program serves patients with heart failure and pneumonia.


As part of the study, we’ll determine whether the use of Nucleus animations has a measurable impact on patient satisfaction scores, compliance, and readmission rates. We’ll also look at staff productivity; we anticipate animation use will improve doctor-patient communication and reduce the number of patients calling back in with questions after discharge. Even small improvements in these areas could dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

Over the years clients have told us about the positive effects Nucleus animations have on patients, so we’re excited to have an opportunity to measure the impact using real-world data. We’ll keep you updated with the results!