ROI of Using Videos in Social Media

Return on investment, or ROI, for social media goes deeper than increasing the number of followers you have on your business page. For social media, reach is the goal. Visuals, such as video, are what get you there. Video is the king of content; to the viewer on social media, a video is more appealing and engaging than a text post or a picture. That appeal translates to more shares, which equals better reach. Healthcare reform has created a society of healthcare consumers that want to engage with their health care providers online, so the ROI of video on social media can be powerful.



Why Social Media Matters

Studies show that the average person spends up to seven hours a week on Facebook alone. Factor in the new wave of digital devices, such as wearables or car-connected technologies, and the impact of social media is clear. Nielsen reports that globally, 69 percent of respondents preferred electronic interactions over live ones.

Second, third, and even fourth screens are expanding the viewing experience as well. While someone is watching TV or playing a video game, they may also go to social media to learn more or communicate with others.

Video Adds More Engagement

Internet presence is a large part of page ranking, and since video enhances social media engagement, that presence is also increased. A video showing why eating healthy lowers your risk of heart disease. Every time someone “likes” that video, it appears on their news feed, increasing your internet presence. By 2017, 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be in video format, according to Cisco.

Video Adds Clarity

Video adds clarity in ways that are impossible with text posts. Consider a short medical animation that shows a visual representation of a procedure and in the background has a doctor explaining it. That is twice the engagement, both visual and audio, and it provides the viewer with a clearer understanding of the routine. He or she might share that video with concerned family and friends via social media.

Repurposing Your Digital Assets

Through social media, you increase the value of your digital investment. The video you show to patients in the office to explain a surgery may help others searching online for information about the same procedure. The videos serve to educate the public about chronic illnesses and medical screenings for diseases like breast and prostate cancer.

You can do things with medical animations that are impossible with other educational or marketing tools. Using them on social media allows you to expand your reach to a whole new audience and have a greater impact. What are you waiting for? Get the medical animations you need to improve your social media presence today.