Award Winning Nucleus Clients

Two hospitals, which both license animations from Nucleus Medical Media, recently received awards for videos they produced. The videos function simultaneously as patient education and marketing pieces by promoting their physicians’ expertise. Both videos also seamlessly blend physician interviews with medical animation – a winning combination!

Covenant Health

Covenant Health’s video, “Robotic Bariatric Surgery with Dr. Mark Colquitt“, won Gold for Best Digital Campaign last week at the Hospital Marketing National Advertising Award dinner. The winning video features Dr. Colquitt explaining bariatric surgery through narration while an animation plays on screen.

LewisGale Regional Health System

LewisGale’s video, titled “The HIPEC Procedure with Sanjoy Saha, M.D.“, received the Merit Award for Digital Video at the Healthcare Advertising Awards. Footage of Dr. Saha being interviewed is blended with medical animations and footage of him performing surgery to create a single, engaging video.

Congrats to you both!