7 Ways to Keep Doctors Happy and Productive

Keeping the doctors at your medical facility in good spirits is extremely important. A good working environment not only creates loyalty, but also keeps patients coming back. Here are seven instrumental ways to help keep doctors happy and productive in the workplace.


1. Properly Train Your Staff

A well-trained staff is the first line of defense in keeping doctors happy and productive. When the staff has a number of deficiencies, doctors cannot do their jobs. Proper staff training helps get patients in and out efficiently, keeps records updated consistently, and helps the office run like a well-oiled machine.

2. Regularly Update Technology

Doctors use a number of devices that keep them ready and able to handle any emergency or situation. Software and devices must be updated on a consistent basis to keep them fully operational when they need to be. Although updates can be tedious, most software and device updates come with improved security features that can help keep your patient’s sensitive information safe.

3. Provide Quality Resources

It is important to provide quality resources such as videos that will showcase the doctors’ abilities, as well as help answer patients questions. Patient education is a critical component of a successful practice. Today’s physicians are adaptable and work well within the social media realm. They are used to dealing with their patients in and out of the office and welcome opportunities to be more engaged in the process. (To learn more about patient education resources, contact us.)

4. Supply Updated Equipment

Equipment must be state-of-the-art to remain competitive. Doctors should not have to worry about insufficient equipment when they are prepping for surgery or seeing patients. This is crucial in keeping not only the doctors happy, but the patients happy as well.

5. Set Realistic Deadlines

Being prudent by not overbooking a doctor is essential. When doctors have too many patients to see, they cannot be as attentive and patient satisfaction drops. Taking the time to schedule patients with good lead times, and providing the doctor time to review patient records in a timely manner, always helps in keeping them at their best.

6. Give Timely Feedback

There should be multiple outlets for doctors to receive feedback from patients, vendors, and staff. This will help them implement new procedures, as well as try new remedies, prescriptions, and equipment that could make a valuable difference. Using social media and other ways of providing feedback is crucial to the doctor and the facility where they work.

7. Continue Professional Development

Doctors need to stay current on policies, procedures, and practices. Giving your doctors flexibility in going to conferences and offering multiple opportunities for professional development will make a difference in the way they operate at the facility.

These are just a few ways you can help doctors perform at their best when working in your medical facility. Taking the time to assess their wants and needs is beneficial to your organization and the patients they serve. Working with your doctors on providing these things will keep them on-staff and projecting a positive image for your facility.