Best Uses for Medical Illustrations

We talk a lot about our amazing medical animations, but medical illustrations can be just as powerful. Illustrations can improve your healthcare marketing efforts and enhance your relationships with patients. Continue reading to discover a few of the best places to use them.

Add High Quality Illustrations to Your Website

According to HubSpot, content with relevant images receives 94 percent more clicks than content without. By including quality medical illustrations that are relevant to your blog posts and articles, you can keep visitors on your site longer. Illustrated, informative articles can help foster trust and communicate your value as a practice. Prospective patients who come to rely on your site as a visually-rich, educational resource will be more likely to consider you the next time they need to make an appointment.

Use Medical Illustrations in Patient Education Literature

Patients who understand their medical situation are more likely to be compliant with care, including post-op instructions and follow-up appointments. Using illustrations can make it easier for your patients to understand their conditions and their treatment. Patients are more likely to understand what is shown to them when presented with imagery. Specific applications include:

  • instructions for chronic conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • explanations of surgical or diagnostic procedures.
  • aftercare guides for patients after a procedure.
  • guides to using items like nebulizers, CPAP machines, and more.

Include Medical Illustrations in Print Marketing Materials

If you print brochures for your practice or advertise on billboards, colorful medical illustrations can make an eye-catching addition. High quality medical images add authority to every print piece that you create. People are more likely to pick up and keep a brochure or notice a sign that includes attractive and relevant images. By including images, you can help potential patients understand a little bit more about your practice area, as well.

Medical illustrations add authority and interest to your practice’s collateral. By utilizing ones that fit your practice’s look and feel, you can reinforce your brand as health providers and make your practice memorable.