Why Should a Doctor Establish Thought Leadership?

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With more than 800,000 working doctors in the U.S., the market is more competitive than ever before. Physicians who are able to establish thought leadership are the ones who are most likely to thrive. When savvy patients are looking for a new doctor, they often check online first. Here are four reasons in favor of becoming a thought leader:

1. Thought leadership is great for SEO.

When a doctor has their name on numerous blog posts and articles, it helps search engines build an association between the doctor and the topics they write about. When someone does a search on either the name or the topic of the article, that doctor is more likely to come up in the search results. Being prolific with blogs and articles helps tie down more of the top 10 Google search results – since most people never go past the first page, the more spots you have there, the better for your practice or organization.

2. Though leadership builds trust.

When a potential patient sees that a physician is publishing online, they get a better idea of the knowledge and skill of that physician. They are more likely to trust their health to a recognized individual– someone they perceive as knowledgeable. Articles, blogs, and videos help people get to know your healthcare providers before ever making an appointment.

3. Thought leadership is effective for reputation management.

When you have positive and helpful entries posted on behalf of your physicians, it tips the balance of publicly available opinion in your favor. Paired with positive reviews and a strong local presence on social media, thought leadership articles can project the positive image that will draw new patients to your organization.

4. Thought leadership is a marketing must.

If your physicians are publishing thought leadership content, it gives them an edge over your competition. Patients feel more comfortable visiting a doctor whose name is attached to informative and helpful pieces online. They are more likely to go with a known name. Between the visibility and the positive impression these articles provide, they do a lot of the marketing work needed to bring in new patients.

When patients look online for news about your practice or your physicians’ areas of expertise, high quality articles, blogs, and videos can give you the visibility that you need. By making overtures toward the patient and physician relationship before they come to your practice, you increase the chances that they will pick you. Thought leadership online can help draw new people to your practice and keep the patients you have coming back.

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