Top 5 Youtube Animation Tips for Hospital Marketers

To help you refer more patients to your website where they can book an appointment, the experts at Nucleus have put together a list of best practices to increase your click-throughs and views.

Tip #1, Thumbnail Image: Use a screen capture of a Nucleus 3D animation to generate more views. Animation images generate up to 10x more views than using photographs.

Tip #2, Title: Use the name of the disease, condition, symptom, and/or treatment represented in the video. This will optimize the video for general information while patients are searching for their topic of interest.

Tip #3, Description: In the description of your video, include a hypertext link to your web address with a location to book an appointment. MAKE SURE you put the full link text, including the “http://” section before the “www” section. If you don’t include the “http://” section, the link will not work. Also, repeat the title of the animation and provide a longer description that lists as many keywords related to the disease, condition, symptoms, and treatment.

Tip #4, Conversions: At the end of each video, leave 10 to 20 seconds of free time to create either a final video frame or an annotated link directing the viewer to your hospital website for more information on physicians and treatment options – your call to action.

After you make the changes, test all final video frames, annotations, and hypertext links to ensure they work properly and take the user to the proper destination.

Tip #5, Monitoring Conversions: Check periodically to see how many patients have clicked your links to go forward, and then how many of those ended up booking an appointment.

Bonus Tip: Lastly, when you launch a new YouTube video, please let our team know and we will gladly include links to it from various locations, including Playlists, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Wishing you the best of success!

The Nucleus Team

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