Nucleus Medical Media Surpasses One Million Subscribers, Receives Youtube Gold Creator Award


Good news! We now have more than one million YouTube subscribers! This makes Nucleus the most popular, and heavily followed/viewed, medical animation channel on Youtube. The milestone qualified us to receive the Gold Creator Award, reserved for only those channels surpassing the one million-subscriber mark.

To put that in perspective, we are currently placed on Socialblade at 8,121st for subscriber rank and 5,415th for video view rank. As there are an estimated 50,000,000 Youtube channels, this places Nucleus at the top of the top 1% (.00016). From an education standpoint, Nucleus now currently ranks #220 out of all education channels on Youtube, widely considered rarefied air for online video publishers.

Many thanks to our team of talented Nucleus professionals as well as our over one million subscribers that helped put us over the top on this important milestone.


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